Your Guide to Having The Best Twin Cities Summer Ever// Part 3: 4 Places You Must See and Visit

Spend the Day Adventuring Away As I mentioned before Minnesota is filled with surprises and tons of action. We have 4 (and a half…I’ll get to that later) professional sports teams, the second largest theater district next to NYC, and even though our nickname is Land of 10,000 lakes we actually have 11,842 lakes making for […]

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PNC Travels: How To Do Chicago in 24 Hours

Well Peaches, it’s that time of the week again! My favorite day, Travel Tuesday. This week’s post is a little different though. It is my first time since being back home in the states that Travel Tuesday is not about a European destination. But rather America’s 3rd largest city…Chicago! The last time I visited Chicago […]

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PNC Travels: Italy’s Top Must See, and Most Underrated City

Amalfi Coast: Positano, Italy Notice I didn’t say “a must see”, but in fact this is THEE must see. Throughout the past 11 months many people have asked me what was my favorite place, city or experience about Italy. It without a doubt is all wrapped up in one dreamy package called Positano. When most people […]

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Today’s Look: A Very Midwest Fourth of July

Good Afternoon everyone!! Anyone that knows me knows how much I LOVE the Fourth of July and how much fun I have celebrating it. Last year I shared for the first time on my blog how important the Fourth is to my family and if you follow me on snap chat you got to see […]

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PNC Travels: Serenity in Sardinia

Happy Tuesday my loves! You know what that means…yup, another Travel Tuesday! Well, this week’s post highlights a land filled with the most emerald colored water and whitest sandy beaches I have ever visited. No, but really guys…I have never visited somewhere that looks so much like a Microsoft Screensaver. This heaven of a place […]

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PNC Travels: Abstract and Animate in Amsterdam

Good morning Peaches! Well, this is my second week in a row of my “Travel Tuesday” trend on PNC even though it looks like this post may upload a few hours late…ugh! So I am sure this won’t actually be posted until Wednesday, but I am sure somewhere in the world it is still Tuesday ha! […]

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