Positive Truths Everybody Must Know

I couldn’t help to share this video because it is one of the most powerful videos that I have seen. It really moved me, and I think it speaks for itself. I just hope that if there is any body out there that is having a bad day, week, year or whatever that you can […]


To Be Or Not To Be?

This is a rather peculiar post for my blog because I tend to never post things about my “love” life on the internet. Frankly, because I know nobody really cares about hearing someones rant of emotions and also because I am such an open book when it comes to my cyber life that there are […]


Trend Of The Week: Kimono Love

Hi Peaches!! This weeks trend is kimonos. The love I have for kimonos is unreal and this is a trend I probably will continue to be posting the more and more it gets warmer because these are something that you will see a lot this summer. A kimono is for sure one of my must-haves […]


There’s a Silver Lining to Everything

I don’t know if some of you peaches follow me on twitter as well. But tonight I was ranting on how much I love the movie Silver Linings Playbook and I recently tweeted this picture that goes along the lines of my last post.      I love this quote in the movie. Slash I love […]


Get Lost // How Running Changed My Life

Hi Peaches! This next post was not an idea that I originally had for my blog, it is actually my most recent narrative essay that I had to write for my english comp class. I thought though, that since I just posted “The Habits Of Supremely Happy People” that it would be very relevant to […]


The Habits Of Supremely Happy People

1. They Surround Themselves With Happy People Joy is contagious, get rid of the debbie downers, spend more time with uplifting people. 2. They Smile When They Mean It Even if you are not feeling chipper, cultivate a happy thought and smile about it. It’s important to be genuine with your smile. Faking a smile […]


Peaches ‘N Creme moves to NYC

Hello!! As many of you know I have moved to New York to pursue Fashion Merchandising. This summer I was working over 80 hour work weeks…yes 80 hours haha. My blog had to be put on hold for a little bit because of this but I figured I would start it again now that I […]


New York Here I Come!

Everybody is different. We are different in what we feel. We are different in what we think. Our backgrounds are different. Our stories. What we radiate to the world, and what we hide. But if there is one thing similar, it is the fact that we all feel pain. Everyone has a struggle. There is […]


Hello world!

Welcome pretty peaches to This blog is like my third eye on life. I believe that everything in life is art,  you have the capability to express yourselves in so many ways…from the way you dress, to what you do. What music you listen to, how you decorate your home, your grocery list and what food you eat. How you […]

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