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Sundress by the Sea in Cinque Terre

Hi guys! If you follow either of my instagrams’ at all (the one for this blog or my personal one) you will have easily been able to notice that I recently traveled to Cinque Terre and was um…obsessed. No, seriously it took all my will power to just set my camera down and stop taking […]

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A Santa Maria Novella Epiphany

Ciao loves! I hope everyone had a fantastic labor day weekend, I have a post coming later on that First, below are some pictures from Santa Maria Novella which is actually the first great basilica of Florence. It may not be super high up on people’s must-see lists but to me it is one of […]

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PNC Travels: San Gimignano/Siena

Hi Peaches! Here’s one more post for ya seeing as it has been awhile since I posted last…plus I leave tomorrow to go on another trip (I’ll keep a secret for now)┬áso I wanted to share it quick. I say quick because it is almost 3am my time and I have to leave at 7 […]

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PNC Travels: Tower of San Niccolo and Other Sweet Treats

Hello my friends! Just a little update about how the city of Florence is capturing my heart. I can’t believe that I have officially been here for two weeks. It is crazy how time has flown and it doesn’t seem that long but at the same time it seems a lot longer than that if […]

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