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Beautiful and Bright in Burano

Happy Wednesday Peaches! In my last post I said that there would be a follow up post from the second half of having my family here in Italy so here it is The second weekend that they were visiting we took a trip to Venice which some of you know I visited for the first […]

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PNC Travels: Radiant Rome

Ciao Bellas! I am sitting here rewriting this over again on a Saturday morning. I say over again because I have tried to make this post several times, and I wish I could blame it on technical problems of why it hasn’t been uploaded yet, but the truth is this is a post from the […]

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PNC Travels : Beloved Budapest

Hi ya there! What do you know, it’s yet another travel recap. Man, I don’t know what I am going to do when I can no longer just go online, find super cheap tickets to a place, and get away and explore for a weekend. Although it can get exhausting, I really try to not […]

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Vibrant in Venice!

Morning Peaches! Here is my little Venice recap. It won’t be too long because I am actually returning to Venice next week with my family!!! I am so stoked that they are flying in to Italy this morning as we speak, I have to sit through a whole day of classes and hop on a […]

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PNC Travels: Grateful Mind, Grateful Heart in Greece

Santorini, Greece. Where do I even begin? I will start by saying, I will try my best to capture this beautiful place and my experience into words but the Greek Islands are something that everyone that has the chance to must go experience for themselves, because this place was like no other. There is no […]

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Food, Fun, and other ‘Oktoberfest’ivities

Hey there, guys! Or I should say “Guten Tag” since this is a German inspired post. Where do I begin with Oktoberfest. There are many aspects of this festival I could write about. I could inform you about the intricate history of how¬†this 16-18 day festival began when “Crown Prince Ludwig married Princess Therese on […]

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PNC Travels: Some Switzerland Sweetness

Ciao there! Tonight’s post is a little recap of my trip to Geneva, Switzerland. We were in Geneva for just¬†about 2.5 days and it was for both business and pleasure, so it may not have been a long time but man did I enjoy it. For school reasons we attended the WTO which is the […]

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PNC Travels: Majestic Milan Part 2

Hi again! Mikaela, here. I just needed to write a follow up post about Milan, because that’s how awesome it was! Lol, just kidding, we just saw and did so much I didn’t want my last post to be 700 million years long. The second part of day two and day three definitely resulted in […]

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PNC travels: Majestic Milan

Good Morning everyone! So excited for today. I have so much to share on PNC. It has officially been just over a week since I have been recovering from a seven day long trip in three different cities/countries. We were able to do and see so much in such little time. I want to make […]

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Green for the Boboli Gardens + Pitti Palace Pretty

Hi Peaches! As I am writing this I am currently procrastinating packing for a trip to Milan, Geneva, and Munich for the next week and I leave at 7am. So yay for bein’ on top of stuff right now, right!? However, I have been wanting to get this post out there for awhile now because […]

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