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PNC Travels: Abstract and Animate in Amsterdam

Good morning Peaches! Well, this is my second week in a row of my “Travel Tuesday” trend on PNC even though it looks like this post may upload a few hours late…ugh! So I am sure this won’t actually be posted until Wednesday, but I am sure somewhere in the world it is still Tuesday ha! […]

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The Time I Fell in Love with Turkey- Top 5 Reasons To Visit

It is interesting how you can touch down in a brand new destination and instantly feel a rush of warmth and comfortability even if it is somewhere completely foreign. Even though I visited tons and tons of new cities and countries in the past 10 months, Greece still held a #1 place in my heart…until […]

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PNC Travels: Paradise in Portugal

“Portugal charmed me, dazzled me, and wooed me.” And I don’t think I am the first one this has happened to. So continuing my spring break chronicles, I mentioned in my last post that not only did we check out Spain but we also made visits to Lisbon and Porto, Portugal. And let me tell […]

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PNC Travels: Planes, Trains, and Spain

Hola Peaches!! So a little over a month ago now I had spring break here in Italy…although I have to admit that when you are living abroad every week seems like spring break haha. Since then though life has been a bit of a whirl wind so now is definitely catch up time because I […]

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PNC Travels: 2 Cities, 1 Weekend- Berlin meets Prague

Hi friends!! So a few weeks ago one of my best girlfriends and I set out to check some more things off of our bucket list. We were able to take in one of the most famous graffitied walls, try some authentic schnitzel, and check out one of the craziest night life scenes while on […]

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PNC Travels: London Calling

Hello Friends! Or Cheers!…as the Brits say. It was so funny hearing that used after everything- even after I handed the ticket man my ticket to get onto the London eye this is what he replied with. Well, with that said here is a little travel recap (or not so little) of how my trip […]

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New Year, Turning 22 // Skiing in Abetone

Happy Monday ya’ll! It is just crazy to me that it is February 1st, but as they say time flies when you are having fun and fun would be an understatement to say the least. Also, sometimes I forget how fast January goes for me because there is always a lot going on with having New Year’s at […]

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The Paramount Experience in Poland

Hi loves! It’s been a little over a week now since I have returned from Poland so I thought it was time I give my thoughts and reflections about this wonderful place. When it comes to travel recaps, I love doing them but sometimes it is good to ask yourself why you do some things. […]

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