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Favorite Winter Colors for the Vasari Corridor

Hi friends! First of all, Merry Christmas Eve. The day has been spent with some wonderful activities but those reflections are in a recap to come later. Before all of that, I want to catch up on some things that have been happening in Italy. Last weekend I had a chance to visit Florence’s Vasari […]

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Holiday Gifts For Her

I can not believe it is already half way through December. This month is flying by but good thing there is still time to fit in all the holiday’s To-Do’s. This is my first Christmas post of the season but it is guaranteed there will definitely be plenty more. Basically, this post is going to […]

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Beautiful and Bright in Burano

Happy Wednesday Peaches! In my last post I said that there would be a follow up post from the second half of having my family here in Italy so here it is The second weekend that they were visiting we took a trip to Venice which some of you know I visited for the first […]

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PNC Travels: Radiant Rome

Ciao Bellas! I am sitting here rewriting this over again on a Saturday morning. I say over again because I have tried to make this post several times, and I wish I could blame it on technical problems of why it hasn’t been uploaded yet, but the truth is this is a post from the […]

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Vibrant in Venice!

Morning Peaches! Here is my little Venice recap. It won’t be too long because I am actually returning to Venice next week with my family!!! I am so stoked that they are flying in to Italy this morning as we speak, I have to sit through a whole day of classes and hop on a […]

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PNC Fall Must-Haves 1

Good afternoon guys! Now that it is mid-November it is finally getting a little colder here in Florence, however, I have to say that I do miss fall in the states. The change of colors, Sunday night football, home made chicken noodle soup, and all that. The positive, I have to remember, will be the long […]

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Peter Pan Collar and a Carousel

Hey friends! This post is a quick update of a few things that have happened since I’ve been here in Italy, and also sort of an Instagram round-up because it’s going to be a bit of a random mix of things. First of all, this post is a dedication to two of my favorite things that I […]

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Today’s Look: Plaid + Camel Vest in the Tuscan Countryside

Ciao Peachies! Just a short update. I hope everyone’s fall is going great. I haven’t made too many fall posts yet because it hasn’t really felt like fall here in Florence up until the couple past weekends and then I wasn’t even here to feel the fall crisp air except for when I had school. However, […]

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PNC Travels: Grateful Mind, Grateful Heart in Greece

Santorini, Greece. Where do I even begin? I will start by saying, I will try my best to capture this beautiful place and my experience into words but the Greek Islands are something that everyone that has the chance to must go experience for themselves, because this place was like no other. There is no […]

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PNC Travels: Majestic Milan Part 2

Hi again! Mikaela, here. I just needed to write a follow up post about Milan, because that’s how awesome it was! Lol, just kidding, we just saw and did so much I didn’t want my last post to be 700 million years long. The second part of day two and day three definitely resulted in […]

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