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Founded in 2012, Peaches ‘N Creme began as a place to organize the billions of thoughts that go through my head daily and also as an excuse to pour out my passion for fashion. Getting bored of seeing all the typical frat party and college sorority pictures posted on my timelines, I wanted a place to archive my unique lifestyle choices especially the one of choosing to stray away from the traditional university experience. The title Peaches ‘N Creme derives from the saying “everything is peachy” as in perfect and without worries. It describes an attitude that implies that a person is perfectly happy.

I believe that everything in life is art, we have the capability to express ourselves in so many¬†ways everyday. From the way we dress, to what we do. What music we listen to, how we decorate our homes, our grocery list and what food we eat. How we think, react, and even our dreams. These are all little pieces that make up our masterpieces of life that we were given. I’m just trying to paint my life bright and keep all things beautiful. I am so grateful for the ability to share my experiences with you all, so far this blog has already become more than I imagined and I can not wait for what is to come. Thank you to everyone that has shown support and I hope you continue to enjoy what I have to share. XOXO


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