Today’s look: Babygirl Pullover x Denim Days with TopShop

Hi Peaches! Happy Wednesday. I am right in the eye of the hurricane that is called Graduation…as it is approaching quickly, very quickly!! For any one that has gone through this, I would love your advice/thoughts/reflections at this time haha, so many mixed emotions! With all of that said, things are pretty hectic in my tiny little world as you can imagine (hence the pictures of me with coffee here lol). Lots of final projects to wrap up, trying to make huge life decisions about what’s next while also trying to just live in the now and haveĀ trust/faith in the process of just letting things come and go while enjoying what time I have left at this stage in my life.

Although all of this is happening, I have been wanting to share this post with you guys foreverrrr now so finally here it is!! I am currently on a TopShop binge. I have always loved this store but for some reason the past few times I have stepped foot into it, it just speaks to me. I end up wanting to buy the whole place! In this look, I am wearing a super cute but also really soft and comfortable pullover, plus I love the little embroidery detail in the top right that says “Babygirl”. I paired the sweatshirt with this black denim skirt that I have officially fallin’ in love with. Denim skirts are SUCH a hot trend this spring and I am loving the ties on this one. Oh and how cool are these bow-tie slip ons!?





This look is really casual but at the same time everything is in the details. Lately, this has been one of my favorite things to do. Find simple every day pieces that have a bit of twist or quirk to them to keep them interesting!

IMG_8784 (1)





More and more coffee please, and then some more again… šŸ˜‰



IMG_8783 (1)

Well I hopeĀ this look can give you some inspo of what trends are fully upon us for spring/summer babes! Gotta wrap this up so I can finish a 10 page paper I have due tomorrow, good luck to all my fellow class mates and any one else that is in this storm of school work season with us!



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