Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring! // Lessons I’ve Learned So Far This Year









Happy first day of Spring Peaches!! This will probably be my last “winter” post. I will begin to put away all of my winter coats, snow boots, heavy sweaters, etc and gradually incorporate my spring wardrobe. This means spring cleaning right!? There is always something about this season of change that is my favorite, so refreshing. Well, spring cleaning doesn’t just start and end at your closet. March is also the perfect time to do a little self evaluation on how the year is going so far, seeing as we are already 1/4 of the way through. Crazy!

For me the past three months have probably been the scariest of my life thus far. Sounds dramatic I know. But I am approaching a time in my life that a lot of people are familiar with I’m sure…graduation from college. If this is not an appropriate time to have a slight quarter life crisis please tell me now and how not to? Because a girl could use some help. It’s easy to make social media look like a highlight reel but I pride myself in keeping things 100% honest on here with you guys so here I am.

Seeing as this is about to be the biggest transition period I have experienced in my 23 years of life, this inevitably effects everything. My professional life, love life, social life and simply my personal (aka spiritual and emotional state) life. Or at least for me it has. My status in all of these areas has changed to the complete opposite of what they were at the beginning of the year so you could say I am living in a complete state of vulnerability. However, one of my all time favorite quotes is “vulnerability is at the core, the center, of meaningful human experiences.” So it is from this great vulnerability that I plan to make productive steps in finding more purpose. How am I going to do this you may ask? Well, the first step is identifying the things that I have learned from this so far and how I can use these lessons to grow. Here are the things I feel I have learned (Warning: they are a little all over the place and might not have direct correlation to one another but hey that’s where my headspace is at right now!)

1.Personal Life: “A woman who is in the process of learning to know, accept, and love herself on all levels, mind, body and spirit. A woman who because she focuses on personal growth and self awareness, experiences a life increasingly filled with peace, love, joy, passion, suffering, triumph, adventure…and fun! A woman that understands that she has unlimited capacity to make her life anything she wants. A woman who is inspired to give to those around her because of her sense of gratitude and ability to see value over status- that is the true definition of a Goddess, a Boss Woman…a Queen!”

2. Love life: “People think a soul mate is your perfect fit and that’s what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can not change but elevate your life to its greatest potential. A true soul mate is the most important person you’ll ever meet because they will smack you awake in the absolute best way possible!”

3. Spiritual Life: “The easiest way to discover the purpose of an invention is to ask the creator of it. The same is true for discovering your life’s purpose: ask God. You didn’t create yourself, so there is no way you can tell yourself what you were created for.”

Well, those are just three of the many things that have recently stood out to me the most. Oh also, they are not fully in my words but are rather curated collections of words that I have have been collecting through out the past couple of months that is why I have them in quotes because I can not take full credit. However, they are words or ideas that stuck with me so I applied them to my life and found them totally relevant. Let me know if you feel any of these things have heavy relevance on your life as well or I am super interested in any other lessons you have learned so far this year too! There is so much more but I will save those things for posts going forward, this sure is going to be an interesting year to say the least. 😉 Xoxo



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