Blush x Burgundy Crush for Valentine’s Day // 5 Ways To Make The Universe Your Valentine

Hi lovely Peaches! Happy Valentine’s Day :) I know this holiday may be cheesy. Or some people don’t care to celebrate it for other reasons like the simple belief that it’s not a real holiday at all but rather a day made up by corporations and commercial businesses just to create more consumerism. Well, I can’t lie I see this side of things as well but for some reason I still love to celebrate VDay and get a little festive. Sure, sure, everyday should be about love but I love the fact that we have a specific day dedicated JUST TO LOVE.

Right when some people want to say, yuck…I’m not just talking about the romantic type of love here but really what I mean is we can use this day as a moment in the year to spread a little more kindness, and I think this year is more important that ever to do this because honestly, this world, could use as much love as it can get. So below I am sharing with you some outfit inspo, but also 5 ways to make the world around you your Valentine today. :)









5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in a Non-Romantic Way

  1. Pay it forward! Buy someone’s coffee today in line at the coffee shop.
  2. Bring a sweet treat! Even if you don’t have time to bake, bring in some goodies (doughnuts, cupcakes, cookies) to where ever you may be going today, the office, school, just a meet up with friends, etc.
  3. Pick up the phone! Call someone you haven’t talked to in awhile, more specifically a loved one. Your parents, siblings, childhood friend, whoever.
  4. Show compassion! This is especially for all my NY friends/followers. Give your change from lunch today to the all the homeless people you pass on the way to the subway.
  5. Give a compliment! I don’t just mean in person but leave a sweet message on a post-it note like “Have a great day”, “You’re a boss”, “Hi Gorgeous”, anything like that and leave it on every mirror you pass today!




*Sorry I can’t link the blush coat for you guys. It is from a store in Italy I used to shop at a lot called Dixie. They don’t have an online shop though for the US and I can’t find anything similar enough to it to share! :(


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