Peaches ‘N Creme: “A Very Peachy” Holiday Gift Guide For Her


Hi Peaches! Happy Holidays!

Here is the gift guide that I promised. :) The past few weeks have been wild with wrapping up finals, finishing up my internship and packing to get ready to fly home for the Holidays. I finally landed back in Minnesota yesterday though! However, I can’t lie I def still have some last minute gifts that I will be ordering online tonight/picking up early tomorrow.

Long story short, I have had this gift guide written up for the past week or so but was having a ton of difficulties with the media part of it. I guess this is what I get for completely running a website by myself yet being the most technologically challenged person ever. Anyways, I debated even sharing this with ya’ll since it is so late now but I decided that if you guys are like me you might still have some last minute shopping and maybe this will help. Or maybe you are like my family and you don’t even celebrate your main Christmas on the actual day of but will be celebrating later in the week so you still have time to shop. So for all of my peaches out there that still need to decide what to get their best friend/sister/family friend/neighbor, or who ever it may be, here are some of my top picks for things on my wish list. Hopefully this can give you some inspo!


Some PNC favorites include a variety of shoes (of course!). I have been obsessed with these Rose Gold Nike Air Max Thea‘s for awhile and originally saw them at Nordstrom. They are currently sold out there though (boo!) but fortunately can still be found on Ebay. While searching for the Rose Gold Thea’s I found this version in Camel and Rose Pink on Etsy and instantly fell in love so I decided I had to add them too.

A few of my other must haves/must gives include these tall boots from current a fav online website of mine, Simmi Shoes. Basically, anything from Free People is a go for me 😉 Obviously! All apartment things from Urban Outfitters…also gold. I especially love that cork map for any traveler in your life. And finally a few other good stocking stuffer ideas, this Marble Swell Water Bottle or this super chic and minimalistic watch from Circulr. Well that’s my round up babes. Hope this helps, and that you have a great holiday weekend! XOXO



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