Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration #2

Happy Thanksgiving Eve Peaches! Turkey day is officially less than 24 hours away so I wanted to share one more Thanksgiving outfit idea on here for you. Just in case you still don’t know what you are going to wear, hopefully this can give you a little inspiration. The concept for this idea is somewhat along the lines of yesterday as in, I am just trying to wear anything the will cover up the food baby that will without a doubt happen. So for this look with Tobi and Free People, I threw on this super comfy and over sized sweater with the stretchiest pair of jeans I own. Then I ended the look with these sweet Free People Snake printed boots to give the impression I look somewhat put togther although the only thing on my mind is food and comfort.









The sweater is from Tobi’s and even though the open back of it may be a little chili, I am obsessed with the back detail of it all. It just adds an element of unexpectedness. The jeans I’m wearing are Zara ones that I have worn a million times but that’s because they are a classic favorite of mine. If you need a nice, black staple jean in your wardrobe, this is the perfect pair! Oh and these boots….I’m crushin’ on them. Shout out to Free People for these. (ONE of the perks of the internship this far.)







Well, I am going to try not to write too much because my mom is here visiting me and I don’t want to take up too much of our time together. These are just two outfit ideas though and I know I will use this to help me pick out what I am going to wear on the actual day of Thanksgiving tomorrow. Yes, I still am not quite sure what I am wearing and I still need to decide. I for sure know that I will need to do a lot of layering because as I just mentioned, my mom is visiting and we are going to the 90th Anniversary of the Macy’s Day parade. In all my 3 years of living in NY I still haven’t gone to the parade yet so I am so excited. After the parade, we are going to come home and cook a feast together. I can’t wait and will definitely share with you all how everything goes! What are all of your plans for the holiday? Are you doing old family traditions or trying something new? I would LOVE to hear it!









With that all said, whatever your plans may be- I hope you get to enjoy yourselves, that you get a break from work or school or the rythm of everyday. That you get to appreciate your family, friends, and loved ones . Thanking God for all His blessings and gifts while remembering the less fortunate in this time of bounty, and that we may all be consumed with love and gratitude! Xoxo Mikaela



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