Your Guide To Having the Best Twin Cities Summer Ever// Part 4: Top Spots for a Fun Bar Experience

Why Limit Happy to an Hour?

Good afternoon Peaches! Here it is, part four and the final part of this Twin Cities series. If you have been following this I have been sharing what my idea is of a perfect summer day in the Twin Cities. I started with places to start the day, grab a drink, eat brunch etc. Later I shared what some of my favorite adventures were, places to explore, games to attend, lakes to enjoy. Well now, might be my favorite part to share. If we are talking about what a perfect day is…in my book this always includes a fabulous happy hour or at least a fun bar experience. After a full day of exploring, drink time is necessary!

Aster Cafe






Aster cafe is one of Minneapolis’ cutest gems. This eatery is a quaint little spot on Main St on the south side of town. This street is one of the most charming streets, lined with trees, and other outdoor cafes and patios. It can’t go without saying, a definite highlight is the skyline views that are always out for show. This romantic cafe does serve food but the reason I go here is their perfectly refreshing white sangria, pictured above.






After a sangria, or two, or three…take a walk along St. Anthony Main to take in all the beautiful scenery of Minneapolis. Skylines, the river, Nicollet Island Pavilion, the old theater. It is all so romantic.



Betty Danger’s Country Club



Betty’s. This is a definite summertime classic. This spunky, quirky spot is filled with so much to do. The cuisine is a Mexican-American twist but what really brings all the hype is the giant, frozen, pink margaritas. Deon didn’t want a frozen one this time and I felt like having some bubbly so I don’t have it pictured above, but trust me when I say, it is picture worthy. Well, we took our drinks up on the ferris wheel and enjoyed a peep of the Minneapolis skyline coming through. This was so much fun! We didn’t have time but there is also mini golf here too 😉






Surly Brewing Company




Craft breweries are growing exponentially in this beer thirsty state of Minnesota! I can see why. Visiting a craft brewery is an awesome alternative than to just going out to your typical favorite bar. I mean, why would you not want some just-brewed beers, made for easy drinking, and created by your local neighbors? Surly is one of Minneapolis’ top spots getting quite a bit of buzz right now. This tap room is a giant venue, filled with an upstairs eatery, huge patio, fire places, bean bag games, the whole recipe for a playful night out.






Bad Weather Brewing Company




Here again is another craft brewery. Bad Weather, named after the ever so changing brews,  (just like the weather in Minnesota) is a prime spot that knows what they are doing when it comes to producing ales. Creating and sharing flavors that are season specific just to get you in the right mood. For example, above is a summer flight of beer. One of the brews here had a sweet honey taste to it, the other a more light and fruity flavor with a hint of banana. It was perfect for a hot summer’s day.

Come fall they now have a picture of their “Mulled Apple Soda” on their website. Wish I was home to try this one. Oh another thing, Bad Weather is in the perfect location just down the street from the Excel Center. Giving you the perfect meet up spot to pre game before any big events with a complete patio filled with a different food truck everyday and large picnic tables, this place is another ‘must-try’ if you haven’t already.


New Bohemia Wurst and BierHaus



Here is something that is not only different from your typical bar experience but also different from the craft brewery experience. New Bohemia is the concept of a traditional bier hall except they like to think of themselves more as the “New American Craft Bier Hall”. Just like craft breweries New Bohemia is all about the craft brewery trend except here they serve 36 of the finest local AND International Craft beers in the country. Not only that but  “New Bohemia features over 24 different all natural sausages made from whole cuts of meat responsibly sourced from family sustained farms.” What gets better than beer and brats, my friends.

W.A. Frost and Company 


W. A. Frost is one of Saint Paul’s finest institutions. I came here due to my brother’s recommendation and was extremely, pleasantly surprised. This part of Saint Paul is just not a side that I have spent a lot of time at but may be my new favorite area. W.A. Frost adding to one of the many reasons why.

Located in such a historic part of the city, Cathedral hill is a destination for turn-of-the century dining. Here, you really get an idea of the charm that Saint Paul and Minneapolis has to offer. The interior of the bar is a cozy and eclectic feel with different patterned rugs and couches really making it feel like you are grabbing drinks and catching up in an old friend’s elegant basement. Finally, this place “really knows-how-to-make a cocktail!” too. It was raining when we visited but they also have a stunning patio perfect for celebrations!





Libertine in Uptown



Last but not least on my list here, is Libertine in Uptown. Now uptown isn’t one of Minneapolis’ hidden secrets or anything of that sort, quite opposite actually but I feel that Libertine is the one of the more under rated joints. When discussing happy hour with my friends they are quick to suggest Bar Louie, Cowboy Slim’s or if we want to include a fancy bite to eat even Stella’s. Libertine, however, doesn’t seem to be mentioned as often so I decided I needed to include it in this post because I visited their a couple times this summer and always had a fantastic experience.

I believe this is one of Minneapolis’ coolest rooftops. Actually with a view of Stella’s across the way, you get a feel that you can see all of the hustle and bustle of Uptown without feeling like you are really in it but on top of it rather. With a very new-American fare I tried the crab quesadilla’s when I was there and they were delicious! So definitely would recommend this place 10/10.

Well, that my peaches, is the end of my Twin Cities series. I really hope you enjoyed all these posts because I had a ton of fun making them and I would LOVEEE to know what ya think so shoot me a message! Love always, Mikaela


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