Your Guide to Having The Best Twin Cities Summer Ever // Part 1: 4 Best Ways to Start The Day

Let’s first start with “what is the Twin Cities?” Well, seeing as this metro area is what I claim as my home town considering I was born and raised here for 18 years, I might be a little biased when I say the Twin Cities is one of the best metro areas and definitely the MOST under rated. Basically how it is broken down is, the TC’s are made up of two major cities; Minneapolis being one of them, and then the neighboring city across town being the state capitol of Saint Paul. The two are split by the Mississippi River which alone gives the great state beauty and scenery.

I say that Minneapolis/Saint Paul is one of the most under rated cities because it has been said by some “that there is nothing to see between Seattle to Chicago”, and obviously this is a huge insult to the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Some of you may know that after returning to the States from my adventures abroad I chose to come back home and spend 3 months in Minnesota, so it is much to my experience that there is A TON in what I like to call, The Mini Apple.

First, did you know that Minneapolis is no more than a three hour flight from anywhere in the nation? Fact. This City of Lakes is actually home to some of America’s best kept secrets. With being a native Mid-westerner I feel like breaking people’s pre-conceived notions and perceptions is sometimes a part time job. With this post series I hope to prove that Minnesota and it’s Twin Cities area is more than just a fly-over land filled with a bunch of red neck hicks, eating tater tot hot dish and simply talking about how cold the winters are with quick whips of “oh sure you betchas”, and “don’t cha knows.” (Even though we may love our flannels and tater tot hot dish..but give us a chance man! 😉 ) Basically, I will be doing a four part series of my favorite spots and things to do from this summer so here we go:

A Great Way to Start the Day

There is some controversy over what the best way to start one’s day is but I guarantee if you swing by any of these great places, you won’t be disappointed.

Black: Coffee and Waffle Bar






Black. Well I didn’t say anything about this post being inceptive. So yes, this place may already be on your radar, and is basically everyone’s favorite after they visit it but rightfully so. From the minimal aesthetic and modern decor to the creative waffle selections and awesome brews you can’t go wrong with this coffee and waffle bar.

Spyhouse Coffee Roasters





Who doesn’t love cool coffee house vibes, filled with aromas to wake your senses and an atmosphere that inspires artistry and ambition? Spyhouse makes brewing coffee look like an impressive craft and don’t get me started on the taste!! Gratifying. (Oh and cutest mugs ever is a plus too.)

Milkjam Creamery 





It would be a perfect world if every morning could start with Milkjam. I mean com’ on, a donut with ice-cream in between…this place is genius! But that’s not all it’s good for. Milk jam is filled with a bunch of innovative flavors and oh did I mention boozy floats. Yes, you read that right. So you can not only start your day with a donut-ice cream sandwich but you also could have a mimosa with ice cream in it. This place knows what they are doing.

Mill City Farmer’s Market











Alright, this one is only for Saturday mornings unfortunately but it is one of my all time favorite things to do in the city. The Mill city farmer’s market is bountiful in goodies. There is no better way to start the day by picking up your week’s worth of farm fresh and local produce, fresh baked breads, home made pottery, and so much more that you just have to check out for yourself. It is right along side the Guthrie and the Mississippi river giving beautiful scenery and my absolute favorite thing…huge, stunning bouquets of flowers for ONLY $8! Can’t beat it.

Well that is it for part one. I know that this doesn’t even scratch the surface of all of the fun and cool cafes, breakfast joints, and what not but hopefully this will get ya going. Can’t wait to share part two and continue on with  this “Best Twin Cities Summer Ever” adventure with you Peaches! Xoxo








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