PNC Travels: How To Do Chicago in 24 Hours

Well Peaches, it’s that time of the week again! My favorite day, Travel Tuesday. This week’s post is a little different though. It is my first time since being back home in the states that Travel Tuesday is not about a European destination. But rather America’s 3rd largest city…Chicago!

The last time I visited Chicago I was about 9 years old and since then I have wanted to visit it again. So a couple weeks ago, the Boy, and I hopped in his car and took a little road trip from Wisconsin to The Windy City. I love having the Twin Cities to call home but I have really missed the BIG city life since being away from NY. It felt incredible to be in the hustle and bustle of such a large metro area again.

Now, we only had about 24 hours to spend in Chicago because the next day I had to get back on a bus to head back home and get to work so this is definitely a basic travel recap for somebody who has never been to the city and how to fit all of the must-sees into one day. I know there is so much more to Chi-city than what I am highlighting here and that these are just the top tourist spots, but here’s what we did:

Sky Deck- Willis Tower


So we started our day by first going to the Sky deck at Willis Tower- former Sears Tower. This building was in completed in 1973 and is the largest tower in the Western hemisphere, naturally, offering some of the best all around views of Chicago. We started with this place because we knew there would be a long line to get to the top so we were hoping to avoid that. Of course we got a little bit later of a start than we planned for though. So- just a tiny tip: definitely get up bright and early and try to beat the large groups of people.



Not only does the Willis Tower offer amazing views of the city, but Chicago takes it to the next level. It let’s you “step outside” of the building at 1,353 feet up in the air to get a full experience. What I mean to be exact is, when you first arrive to Willis Tower there is an elevator to take you up to the 103rd floor in just a matter of seconds, from here you are brought to “The Ledge” where there are glass balconies open to the public to stand, jump, lay down on etc. These extend four feet outside of the tower.





I can’t lie it was kind of funny to watch people’s nervous faces as they stood over the city, putting all of their faith in these glass boxes. I have don’t have any fear of heights so I had no problems at all but I could see how this would be really scary for some people.



Me and my love on top of the world! :)

Pizza in The Park




Since we got a later start in the day than we planned, we didn’t avoid the line to get up to the sky deck like we hoped. So as soon as we finished up there we were starving and ready for some deep dish Chicago pizza. I told D, we can’t come to Chi-city and not get deep dish pizza. However, we were so hungry that I only had enough time to take a quick snap chat picture before we dove right in. We ate at Giordano’s pizzeria just across the street from Willis Tower. It was amazing and everything I was hoping for..but since we weren’t patient enough I don’t have any pictures for you guys except these outfit looks that we snapped in the park after we ate hahah sorry!




This is a fun and playful summer look with a touch of sass that I wore while in Chicago. I am always obsessed with bell sleeves and a lace up so when I saw this top at Forever 21 I had to get it. The shorts are also Forever, sandals (have been on PNC multiple times) are Call it Spring, and the purse is a Stella McCartney look a like from an Italian Market.

Chicago River Walk




Anyways, after getting all fueled up we were ready for the rest of our day of walking and sight seeing. We quickly found a map after lunch and headed over to the famous Michigan Ave bridge and River Walk for a beautiful view of the river. On the walk over to the bridge I simutaneously found myself falling in love with the architecture of Chicago. This is what really reminded me of being back in New York City.




After a little bit of technical difficulties with maps (very typical for D and I) we made it to the River walk and it was all worth it. We did the walk down the waterfront enjoying the sun, seeing kayakers, hearing kids laughing, running around and eating ice cream. A perfect summer day in the city.







The Bean




From the River walk, we walked ourselves over to Millennium Park to see one of Chicago’s most popular icons: “The Bean.” The Bean is a public sculpture that is made of 168 highly polished stainless steel plates – giving it the appearance of liquid mercury. Up until that day I thought “The Bean” was the actual name of the sculpture. Well, much to my dismay, I learned that this is just a nick name given by the people due to the shape of this structure. This huge metal piece is actually named Cloud Gate, for the reflections of the sky and city that it gives off, created by artist Anish Kapoor.

The Navy Pier












Well, we ended our day down by the Navy Pier due to D’s request. He couldn’t have had a more perfect idea for spending the wrap up of our day there. It was a stunning evening out. We enjoyed a beer down by the pier (I mostly just wanted to rhyme right there 😉 ) and I made him try Dip ‘N Dots for the first time as soon as I saw that they had a booth for them and found out he had never had them haha. We strolled around a bit, relished in the gorgeous sight of the skyline, and tried to savor our last few moments left in the city before we had to head back together to get back to work.



Ultimately, it was a successful adventure that we sure made the most of. Between the rush of the sky deck, the delicious deep dish pizza for lunch, the breezy river walk, fun and playful Millennium park and a perfect end to it all at the pier…that is how PNC does Chicago in 24 hours and if I do say so myself, it was all quite peachy. :) XOXO


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