PNC Travels: Italy’s Top Must See, and Most Underrated City

Amalfi Coast: Positano, Italy


Notice I didn’t say “a must see”, but in fact this is THEE must see. Throughout the past 11 months many people have asked me what was my favorite place, city or experience about Italy. It without a doubt is all wrapped up in one dreamy package called Positano. When most people think of Italy they think of these top 3 places; Milan, Rome and Florence..oh and most likely Venice too. Don’t get me wrong, these places certainly have a lot to offer. The museums, the art work, the landmarks, etc, but Positano is a little off the beaten path..which is exactly why I adore it.

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As you can see, Positano is a little Italian city filled with sun-washed houses, giant lemon trees, abundant views, a gorgeous beach, quaint restaurants, and most of all..some of the most winding roads I have ever had to drive on. I think this charming destination is Italy’s most picturesque and scenic place in all of the cities I visited. It truly has a southern-Italian holiday feel, and as one looks over a balcony or ledge into the vast beauty of the coast, it gives off a sensation that this place just can’t be real life and that it is all a dream…until you leave and you realize it is very real. Very real…and incredible.

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It is one of those good vibes only places. I remember feeling like I was my calmest self here. As if all my quanderings with life were put to silence for a time period. As if just for sitting and being at this beautiful place in Italy, I must have done something right in this thing called life.

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Alright, there are a few more things about this place that just can’t go unsaid. First, I want you to know that getting to this city is not for the faint of heart. You must really be up for a quest if you want to make it here, haha. Positano is one of eleven small cities that make up the Amalfi coast. To get here you must first take a train or plane to Naples (which is an interesting place in itself…I’ve talked about that on here before). Then from Naples you must take a more local train to Sorrento, because the Amalfi Coast is built on the side of a cliff with extremely steep and curvy roads, it is impossible to have its own train system. Finally, from Sorrento you must take a bus. You also need to make sure that you check the train and bus schedules to ensure when they are running! With all that said, even though this is all quite the challenge, believe me when I say the reward of reaching Positano is all so worth it.

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Although I could be perfectly content relaxing in Positano itself, another thing I love about this place is how easy it is to get to Capri from here. I know I have featured Capri on my blog before (it was at the way beginning of my European adventure though) so I figure I would highlight it again because it deserves the attention. Plus, my mom was with me this time and she had never been to Capri, we had quite the adventure so I wanted to share.

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From Positano we took the train back to Naples and a boat to Capri, there are boats that go directly from Positano but we didn’t wake up early enough! Anyways, Capri is another place that holds a huge chunk of my heart and it captured even more of it during this trip!


It is in Capri that I have caught some of the biggest adrenaline rushes of my life! The first time I visited, my roommates and I rented our own boat to drive. Although, this was a thrill and an adventure to say the least, this time I wanted to be able to sit back and relax a bit more with my mom. Okay, well so I thought. I mean I didn’t have to worry about the whole driving a boat part and possibly cap sizing it or anything  but what I mean is the ‘just, sit back and relax” part yeah that didn’t happen so much.

I should know myself better and realize sooner that something crazy always has to happen with me lol. Anyways, I had REALLY wanted to see the Blue Grotto ever since the first time I visited Capri and found out about it. So I thought this time was going to be my chance. Unfortunately, while riding on this little old Italian man’s boat he said that the weather was too rough that day to be able to bring the boat into the grotto. Me being sad at first, he then proceeded to explain that there could still be a way for me to see it. He said if I was willing to jump off the boat by myself and swim into it he would kindly wait for me to do so. I looked at my mom quick and with no hesitation, changed into my swimsuit in a matter of 5 seconds (as elegantly as possible without revealing too much to the male on the boat) and just jumped right off!! See for yourself exactly how this all went down, in the video below :) :

  1. Capri, Italy

Now, I have jumped out of an airplane before, I have road a donkey down the side of a giant cliff, as I mentioned before I have even driven a boat in the Mediterranean sea, but this still has to be one of the MOST thrilling things I have ever done. In those 5 seconds it took me to change into my suit and jump off that boat…there was no thinking, just instinct. I knew that if I didn’t take advantage of that opportunity right then and there, I might miss out on the opportunity of a life time. So I did it! But then right as the cold water hit my body, it all rushed to me. I realized that I was swimming all by myself in the big blue sea and about to enter into a huge cave that I had never seen before. There was so much ‘unknown’ about this adventure but all I knew was that I had to keep swimming and see the electric blue water for myself.


Picture by:

Now, obviously I didn’t have a camera or anything with me to document what it looked like in the grotto so I had to pull an image from google. But this really doesn’t do it justice. Swimming around and trying to stay a float as you look below your feet that just dangle in the most electric colored body of water you have ever seen is nothing short of being purely radical.

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Well, I just took some time to myself to look around in the cave and marvel at it. It was almost pitch black above me but a light so bright shined from the sea below, just barely enough to give light above so that I could see the cave walls. It was then that I realized I was truly alone in there and I can’t lie, I quickly began to swim out of the cave and be reunited with the boat..and especially my mother again, haha! After, this private tour we hopped on another tour boat.This time we wanted to see all of the other grottos and get really close to them while also gaining some history behind this beautiful place.

Oh, plus the other guy didn’t take us to the lover’s arch and I couldn’t take my mom to Capri and not have her see this iconic Capri Landmark so we finished up the day with a second tour. Here is one more video of it!

  1. Grotto Tour, Capri

This also was a thrill because it was one of the windiest days that they had in a long time so we were being tossed around on the boat. It was so fascinating to learn about the grottos and see some of Italy’s most expensive and exclusive villas. Well, we finished up our day with some dinner and then we hopped back on the ferry and headed back to our charming hotel in Positano.



Ultimately, Positano is one of my all time favorite Italian destinations and Capri is a must-do right along side of it!! Get out of the big cities, and all of the museums and galleries and give yourself the adventure of a life time.









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