PNC Travels: Serenity in Sardinia

Happy Tuesday my loves! You know what that means…yup, another Travel Tuesday! Well, this week’s post highlights a land filled with the most emerald colored water and whitest sandy beaches I have ever visited. No, but really guys…I have never visited somewhere that looks so much like a Microsoft Screensaver. This heaven of a place I am talking about is Sardinia. Sardinia is an island off the west coast of Italy and is actually the second largest island in the Mediteranean, second to Sicily. In case, I haven’t painted quite a clear enough picture in your mind, this is one of those places I have dreamed of going to for 22 years but the closest thing I came to seeing a place like this was on my 12 month calendar called “Tropical Paradises” you know what I’m talking about. One of those calendars you hang in your office filled with picture perfect islands that have the softest looking sand and big beautiful palm trees and you just stare at it when you get ready to blow up from the either the stress or boredom at work and you just wish you were relaxing with no troubles in the world at one of the spots, yeah that used to me. But now I finally had the chance to visit this day dream of an island!










I can’t lie, to get to this island was a bit of a quest. First, we started by taking a train to Livorno, then a bus to the marina where we loaded onto a ferry that looked a little bit like a dated cruise ship from the 90’s, from here we road this ship 10 hours over night. So worth it though! Another thing that made this trip so special was, not only did I get to go on it with two of my roommates that also were the only other ‘year-longers’ with me in Italy, but this trip also happened to fall on Mother’s day…and my momma came with us!! Perfect way to spend Mother’s Day weekend with her.

So as seen in the pictures above, we stepped off the ferry and were immediately greeted with a main street of the port. This street was covered in mosaic styled tiles (reminding me a bit of Portugal), the cutest bright colored villas, and the tallest palm trees I’ve ever seen (always obsessed with the palm trees). We followed this winding road to ultimately end up at our AirBnB we were staying at which was a little beach side house with the most amazing view. We were shocked. We opened up the french doors of our new little house and were instantly introduced to an oasis. Our backyard hosted a private beach with the cutest little cabanas and the most soothing water.







The first day and a half or so of the trip we fully dedicated to rest and relaxation. This trip was the first weekend after we finished up all of our classes and school work so a little R&R was just what the doctor ordered (or so we thought.) Also little side note, wifi is pretty much non-existent on this island so it was really nice to get away and really unplug. I do have an international plan on my phone that I can choose to turn on and off so for a couple days we did turn my data on so that we could look up certain things and questions we had about the island but especially since no one else had their phones to use, this cut my phone use down by about 75% which lord knows I need to do that a little bit more in my life.






Well, after taking some time to really enjoy our private little beach and lounge around, we decided to explore the island a little (aka go to the grocery store to re-stock up on wine and champagne, no I’m just kidding…well kind of.) We did need to go to the grocery store but we also went out to dinner that night to one of the cutest and most authentic Italian restaurants. A little fun fact: we visited the island in the slow season so sometimes when we went out we felt like we had the whole island to ourselves, also not many people spoke strong english there so we found ourselves truly getting to practice and put to use the Italian that we had been studying all year long.

Anyways, I mentioned that it was the slow season because when we went out to dinner that night the owner was able to come sit down with us and offer us his home-made liquor that is more of an after dinner drink. I am sure he wouldn’t have been able to do this if we visited a few months later in their high season. This was so much fun to sit and chat with this man that called himself “George Clooney”, because he clearly had a sense of humor. Even though to this day, I believe he could speak great English he made us speak strictly Italian with him. If we said something to him in English, he pretended to not really know what we were saying.



Another reason it was great to visit with him is because he gave us a lot of helpful tips about what to see and do on the island but not only that, he also gave us business cards to all of his family and friends on the island to help us out. We mentioned to him that we wanted to see some horses while we visited the island and he in fact hooked us up with of his friend’s sons that was able to show us his horses and share his race stories with us . So sweet.




Ulitmately, we ended the weekend the most perfect way possible. “George Clooney” was able to also hook us up with an awesome deal with a rental car so that we could road trip along the coast of Sardinia. We stopped along the way to take in the views and check out some of the most amazing blue and green colored water. The landscape of this island was one of the most interesting I had ever experienced with plant-like things that reminded me of Avatar and an abundance of private beaches that were just waiting to be stumbled upon. I think one of the ultimate highlights of the trip, however, was our unexpected stop along the road to one of Italy’s best wineries that we just happened to drive by on chance.

Here, at Surrau Winery, we were given an incredible tasting where we had all of the wine explained in full detail plus a full tour of the winery where they also do everything from production to packaging. I have done wine tastings before but I have never actually seen how the whole process from grape to bottle is done, and here we got a little insight of this.






Visiting Sardnia, at first felt like a rejuvenating vacation that then turned into an adventure that made us feel like authentic locals. I thought and knew I would love this place because of the landscape and the food and some of the other typical things people fall in love with when visiting a new place but I think what really made this trip so special that I didn’t expect to be so blown away from…was the people we met. The people of the island truly made us feel like we were their own friends and family. Sardinians were so helpful and friendly and never minded one bit going the extra mile whether it was introducing us to their friends, showing us their horses, giving us a tour of a winery or showing off the beautiful beaches of this paradise of a place. I will remember Sardinia forever. Xoxo


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