Peachy Life Mini Series: Life, Love, and the Messes in Between. // The Importance of Introspection

I know it has been few weeks since I have made a post for the mini series I started on here so just for a little recap, in the first post I started to talk about the difference in emotion versus empathy because to me it is very important to be in tune with these things in order to be self aware. Well self awareness leads me into this next post. However self awareness is just the surface of things, most people know that it is important to be self aware but does everyone know what this truly means? No, not even I do! (and I am a person that is obsessed with finding out about self awareness) but that means that there is just that much more to analyze, question and discuss about it.

To begin, I feel like there are some confessions to be made. I also have realized that this mini series will probably lead to a lot of confessions. First confession is, as everybody knows social media is a way for people to display a highlight reel of their lives, this glamorizes things, and as many people know I LOVE social media. But to an extent, I like “real” things even more than I like social media. So despite all my pictures of traveling around the world, gaining all these new experiences, trying new foods. There is still a girl behind all of this that struggles mentally, emotionally, and spiritually every single day. I feel like I had to get that out of the way and let you all know why I am doing this mini series before I went further.

Now moving on…in my last post, I talked about how important it is to take time to pause. I am learning this more as each day of my life goes on. It may be one of the most crucial things we can do for ourselves. Taking time to pause, and allowing a moment of reflection where we can gain clarity. As a child growing up, I always thought that adults were all happy people that had life pretty much figured out. I think a lot of children think this. Then as we get older and understand reality more, we realize sometimes children understand life better than some adults and then some people just lose that meaning along the way of life. This thought used to depress me. The idea that most people have to work hard to be happy, myself included. Especially when there are so many great things about life. But then I learned that “being happy is not a right but the pursuit of it, however, is.” The more I started to accept this the more I would become okay with the dull or even lower parts in life.

So, in the next stages of cultivating self awareness, I learned that you fight against all of your personal adaptive and evolutionary habits/behaviors. In life your mind is hard wired to protect itself at all times so instead of expending energy on fruitless actions for the sake of a damaged ego, you pause for only a split second and then go on doing what you think is best for you. As Paul Jun, the writer and author of the book Connect The Dots: Strategies and Meditations on Self-Education, states wonderfully, “self improvement is not about finishing a book or a seminar. Self awareness is a practice, a muscle that grows with time and effort, that ultimately provides us strength. We are in constant state of change. Adapting to our cultural influences and our individual experiences . The more we learn to be conscious of our impulses, thoughts, and actions while also keeping in mind our principles that foster practical wisdom, we can more easily become our best selves.”

In other words a lot of people think that working on self awareness is just reading some self help books here and there or watching a few seminars every once in awhile. Now, don’t get me wrong these things are good and they help. I use this method quite often, but to truly be self aware is to really live a life of intent every day. To think about every action and word or thought that you say and ask yourself if that truly reflects who you are or who you want to be in this world and if that person is a person of light and love. This sounds like a lot of work and oh it is but would you rather be living life like a robot going through the motions? Then realizing 45 years from now, you are not who you want to be, where you want to be, or doing what you want to be doing? I know I sure as hell don’t want to. Well, living life of full intention is my current goal. Actually it is one of the New Year’s resolutions I posted about at the beginning of the year. But maybe that will be something I will talk about in the next mini series post because I could go on forever and ever so I better stop myself now. Love you all though!! Xoxo


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