New Year, Turning 22 // Skiing in Abetone

Happy Monday ya’ll! It is just crazy to me that it is February 1st, but as they say time flies when you are having fun and fun would be an understatement to say the least. Also, sometimes I forget how fast January goes for me because there is always a lot going on with having New Year’s at the beginning of the month and my birthday at the end of it. It is always over before I know it. Speaking of all of those holidays I would like to have a little recap for each event brought to you by this post. :) For New Years, like a lot of people I like to take time to do some reflecting but more than that I like to do a ton of goal setting. So no different than from any other year I took some time to do this. I even made a post on Instagram (here) saying what my main two goals are for the year- to be more detail oriented and to live a more ‘intention’ filled life. I was going to write about these two concepts sooner on here but as I started to try to get a post going it got me thinking…and whenever I “start thinking” this is trouble because it usually leads to 9,000 other thoughts which, what do you know, this is exactly what happened. So I have decided that I am officially starting a mini series on my blog…yay!! I mentioned in the very first post I wrote about moving to Italy that I might do this, and now it is happening! I am so excited to share on here a little bit more of my thoughts and feelings and give a slice of my mind for anybody that wants to read about it. Majority of times I post about fashion and travel because that is the industry I am in and what my lifestyle revolves around but if I will be honest, it is not what consumes me. I don’t lay in bed at night thinking about what clothes I am going to wear, or what shoes I want to buy (okay maybe this happens every once in awhile) but I usually have like 10 million other ideas and thoughts and am obsessed with self growth and learning from/about others so I would love the opportunity to share them and hopefully learn a little bit more about you.  So keep an eye out for the Peachy Life Mini Series Coming ahead. :)

Anyways, going back to New Year’s real quick since I didn’t ONLY spend it self-reflecting and goal setting I just want to mention that New Year’s in Italy is insane in all the best ways. In my past experiences of New Year’s Eve, the night usually turns out to be a little over rated but here, they know how to really do things. My friends and I even debated if we were going to go out or not in the first place (not realizing how grand things are here) but we all got ourselves dressed up and motivated to go out, when we took a step outside and the streets were filled with festivities. People singing, popping bottles of champagne, fireworks going off in all piazzas of the city. It was amazing (plus I got to spend it with the significant other for the first time so that may also have something to do with why it was so great.) I heard this is how things are in a lot of European cities, Paris, Barcelona, etc so if you ever find yourself in Europe over the New Year be ready to celebrate haha.

Anyways, the other event that always happens in January is my birthday. :) I am one of those people that LOVES birthdays, well I love any excuse to celebrate something but I especially love birthdays! When I was 20 I made it a goal of mine that for every birthday I really wanted to do something more than just partying- from then on I wanted to do something that was adventurous, new, and/or challenging since these are things that I really genuinely love and make feel alive. I think it is a great way to show gratitude for seeing another year of life. When it came to deciding what to do this year I knew a lot of my roommates and I have had a goal to go skiing while we are abroad so I brought them the idea to do this and they were totally on board, despite all of our rusty skiing experience (most of us haven’t skied since our early high school years.) After doing a little bit of research on where to go and prices and transportation, logistically the best option we found was Abetone Ski Resort in Italy’s Appennine Mountain range. So we woke up at about 6:30 in the morning on Sunday to have enough time to catch our bus with Florence for Fun and get to Abetone about 10am. Abetone was the cutest little ski town I have ever been too. It was so small with nothing but a main street that hosted several lodges and cafes (one bar/music club) and a really cute apertivo place (I’ll show that later). So we rented our ski’s and helmets and started to give the bunny hill a try. After feeling like we got the gist of things we became what some could say a little over confident and decided to head to the big slopes. Riding the chairlift up about 1,900 meters. Now let me tell you, we knew it was going to be a little bit of a struggle, we knew the slopes were going to be a little bit more challenging than anything we’ve done in the states but we completely underestimated.


The mountains were beautiful but could you imagine trying to ski down that slope as an amateur. Well, I can because we did and it was not the most graceful thing in the world that’s for sure lol!! We chose what was a ‘red’ slope, supposed to be the beginner’s level or easiest route as they say. We hopped off the chairlift, took a right and started down the mountain until we came to a sudden halt because of people gathered at a hill. We thought that maybe there was an accident but nope…they were staring down a straight drop off and doing what we were about to do..strategize on how to attack this thing because quite frankly we had no where else to go. Well, needless to say I immediately perfected the “go super fast and just wipe out to stop” method while my friends were more reluctant and really honed in on the whole side-step/plow the snow tactic. I am sure we were quite entertaining to watch actually.





With all of that said, we were not the only amateurs. There were definitely some skilled skiers but there also were several other people on the mountain that were doing very similar things to us and it made it sort of fun/funny. We went in for lunch to shake off a bit of our shock and fear and decided that it was time we were going to try to kick this mountain’s butt instead of it kicking ours. It may not have gone exactly that way but we definitely improved the second time, coasting down several parts of the mountain reminding me why I liked skiing so much. Ultimately, it was a day filled with challenge, determination, courage, and accomplishment accompanied by great friends and a ton of laughs maybe even a few butt bruises but really I would not have wanted to spend my birthday any other way. Skiing in Abetone really taught me humility, to go for things when there is uncertainty, and to not care what I look like doing it because I am learning. This was one of the best experiences ever, plus, we got to end the day with some awesome apertivo (Italians happy hour where they don’t only enjoy an early evening drink but they also accompany it with really good appetizers) and a stunning sunset.

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