Learning to Cook the Italian Way

Hey guys! It is really early in the morning here in Florence, and I am just getting ready to leave for a big trip but I have one more post to share quick. On Friday, we had such a cool opportunity to go to an Italian Culinary school and really get immersed in what felt like the authentic Italian cooking way. We went to GiglioCooking Culinary school where they taught us how to cook three really delicious recipes. This was such an awesome experience because it was very hands on. They really had us be apart of every step of each process for all of the recipes. We learned from two great Italian women who gaveĀ us tips and tricks as we went along. At one point in the beginning, I was given a task to do but I quickly made the mistake of mentioning out loud I was afraid to mess it up because I didn’t wan to ruin the whole recipe. So then, one of the chefs came up to me, like any Florentine woman would do, and said, “if you are afraid then we will give you more to do. Don’t be afraid just try it.” This was great and very true, the more scared to mess things up, the more you probably will Yow just have to cook with confidence. By the end of the night, we had made Chicken filled with Spinach and Cheese, Pesto Gnocci, and Creme Caramel. After, of course, we got to enjoy our hard work. They have such a cute little dining room area where you feel like you really are eatingĀ in the dining room of an Italian house. Guess, I will be able to check “learn how to cook Italian Cuisine at an Italian Culinary school by professional chefs and instructors” off my bucket list!

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