Reaching and Reflections

Ciao Bellas! So if you notice this post has a little different title head than normal because finally it is not just fashion based. I have done this on a very rare occasion in the past but it takes a lot to post stuff that is more personal and deep for all the obvious reasons. Mostly, it means with something like this, no matter what, you will be judged but I have come to except that by having a blog no matter what you do you will be judged anyways so why not be a little more authentic with things. This post is happening because I have had a lot on my heart and mind (oh wait, what’s new!?) so this time I thought I would just type it out. For a little more background on where this is coming from, right now I am in a very transitional period. Actually the past few months have been a transitional period. I finished my first degree in college. Had to move out of my first apartment in New York, just to move to a temporary apartment for a few weeks, just to later move back at home for a few months where then ultimately I would move over seas to a whole new world and culture. So um, yeah I guess I would call that a transition.

Heads up, I am going to dive into faith a little which can always be a bit of a sticky topic but especially right now for me to post about it, because when I usually post about something like this it is coming from a point of reflection. The thing is I feel like I am not at that point yet, I am still in a transition position so it will be a little interesting for me to write this. I will also be including an outfit of the day however, so this isn’t too far off from what is usually on Peaches ‘N Creme.

The outfit that I will be posting is one that I wore to a wedding last week which is symbolic because that weekend was about celebrating life and all the beautiful things in it especially one of the biggest It got me thinking about what love brings, the reassurance, the happiness, AND one of the greatest things- hope. The hope for continually brighter days, the hope for growth, the hope for peace and pleasure. This really then triggered something in me to ask myself where do I place my hopes when it comes to my life, my faith, my career, basically the journey I am in right now. For some reason when it comes to love towards and with other people, I am blessed that it is easy for me to be positive and to have all the right motives. But when it comes to loving myself and the hopes that I have for other aspects in my life this does not come to be the easiest thing. This is completely ironic because this blog is about living a peachy and happy life. So oops, sorry to just drop this package off here. I guess the reason behind that platform for this blog is because I know and understand from heavy life experience (now I know I am only in my early twenties) but this takes a lot of work. So I would like to clarify that Peaches ‘N Creme isn’t saying life is always peachy but it’s finding how to make each day a little sweeter and reminding ourselves of ways to do that. Otherwise I know personally I get myself in a rut.

An epiphany that I recently had is when I get in this rut it is usually because of two reasons, I have gotten into a routine and am starting to just go through the motions in my day. Which to cut myself some slack is usually because I have so many things going on that need to get done and not usually on my own schedule because I have responsibilities like school and work that get in the way so the only way to ensure that everything gets done is to have it on a schedule. Or the second reason that I get in this rut is because I am feeding my ego more than my spirit. Now, I could go on and on about these two problems and how I have noticed they have caused me to start to live a sour life instead of a sweeter one but I think that this calls for me to create a mini series on my blog so that this one single post does not become a novel. The other reason I am not going to elaborate too much on these points is because like I said I feel like I am still transitioning so I could do more reflecting about them. The important thing, I feel, is that I have recognized these and now need to work on what I will do about them. So, as many of you know I am studying abroad these next ten months in Florence, Italy and my goal is to continually work on these two things so that I can promise to create the best experience of my time here but also leave this place with things that have enriched my soul for the rest of my life. My goals are to realign where I put my hopes. My goals are to lose more and more control. And my biggest goal is to learn how to give more over to Him. Ultimatley, realizing even though I am in one of the most beautiful places in the world; happiness is not situational or circumstantial, it comes from something that is unmoving within.


















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