What I Wish // A Note Of Empowerment for All my Boss Ladies

I wish I could instill the thoughts in your mind that see you for who you are on the inside and out. We could change the world if we all suddenly realized that all these superficial things that have somehow been implanted in our minds are so irrelevant like how we need to act and dress and what size the scale should say or how perfectly shiny our hair has to be. Frankly, some of us are born with coarse hair not shiny, or lots of freckles, or big hips. If more women realized these imperfections are beauty and that all these other things we are brainwashed with are just distractions, we could be a force for good. Women are powerful creatures but yet I don’t understand how some of us want to hate or be jealous of some instead of empower one another. We all know what each of us is going through on the daily. We get what it’s like to be bloated some days or have a “fat” day, or have a bad hair day, or have fits of self doubt. Imagine the amount of liberation we could all feel when we realize we are not our dress size or our guilt or what we negatively perceive! “The moment you realize you are good enough is the moment you are free.” You shouldn’t have to just tolerate your reflection, you should purely love it. For it’s raw and natural beauty. But it is also okay to love it with bright colorful make-up on. It’s okay to want to do your make-up extra some days, or wear your favorite dress, or your 5 inch pumps. Simply, because you are a woman and that’s what you can do.We can get dressed up and curl our hair and feel pretty. It’s sad how many little girls are learning to hate themselves right now as you read this. How many teenage girls compare themselves to others on the daily instead of focusing on being kinder to themselves. Even grown woman think “I never looked like that, like that beautiful young woman, even when I was 20.” Um yes, yes you did. And you do/can now. You just have to release the shackles of self torment. But you know the funny thing is, this blog post isn’t going to change your mind. “You are the only one who controls how you feel about yourself.” You may think it is the media who controls it. Or how much attention from guys you get controls it. Or your dress size. Or your mother or father. Maybe even your own friends. But it is ONLY you. Even if the world thinks you are the most beautiful woman in the world that wouldn’t change anything until you change about how you feel about yourself. I know loving yourself or even just having nicer thoughts about yourself can seem easier to say than do. But you must TRY. You have to decide that you are gorgeous. That you are brilliant. That you are BOSS.



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