There’s a Silver Lining to Everything

I don’t know if some of you peaches follow me on twitter as well. But tonight I was ranting on how much I love the movie Silver Linings Playbook and I recently tweeted this picture that goes along the lines of my last post.   images-1   I love this quote in the movie. Slash I love the character that Jennifer Lawrence plays. She is saying this quote to Bradley Cooper who is starring along side her in the movie and she proceeds to say “Can you say the same thing f*cker? Can you forgive?” I just wanted to fist pump my hand in the air while simultaneously shouting “yes!”, but refrained ha. It is so good to see a strong powerful female character in this movie that not only knows who she is, but loves who she is. Even the darkest parts. The movie like the title really does help explain about finding the Silver Linings in life and really portrays how it is okay to not be okay as long as you are bettering yourself.


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