The Habits Of Supremely Happy People

1. They Surround Themselves With Happy People

  • Joy is contagious, get rid of the debbie downers, spend more time with uplifting people.

2. They Smile When They Mean It

  • Even if you are not feeling chipper, cultivate a happy thought and smile about it.
  • It’s important to be genuine with your smile.
  • Faking a smile while experiencing negative emotions can worsen your mood

3. They Cultivate Resilience

  • “Fall seven times, stand up eight”
  • Resilience, not happiness, is the opposite of depression.
  • Happy people know how to bounce back

4. They Try To Be Happy

  • is exactly how it sounds, TRY.
  • Those who actively tried to feel happier in the studies reported the highest level of positive moods, making a case for thinking yourself happy 

5. They Appreciate Simple Pleasures 

  • Like a meticulously swirled ice cream cone. A boundlessly waggy dog.
  • Finding meaning in little things
  • Practicing gratitude in all that you do have.

6. They Devote Their Time to Giving

  • Experience what is called a “helpers high”

7. They Let Themselves Lose Track Of Time

  • Immerse in stimulating activity so that you reach this joyful state of mind called “flow”. Get caught up in something you enjoy. Get carried away.

8. They Nix Small Talk and Engage in Deeper Conversation

  • Sitting down to talk about what makes you tick is the prime practice for feeling good about life.

 9. They Spend Their Money On Other People

 10. They Make a Point To Listen

11. They Uphold In-Person Connections

  • It is easy to stick with texting, or tweeting, or facetime, but no this means actual face to face time.

12. They Look On The Bright Side

  • Try to always to the good in things and situations, stay positive and look for the silver lining

 13. They Value a Good Mix Tape

  • Music is powerful

14. They Unplug

  • Technology isn’t going to go away but sometimes you need to step away from the computer, the phone, the television etc for atleast an hour a day.

15. They Get Spiritual

16. They Make Exercise A Priority.    

  • Exercise = endorphins= happy

 17. They Go Outside

  • Nature is fuel for the soul

18. They Spend Some Time in the Pillow

  • Good sleep= more emotional stability

 19. They LOL.

  • Its cliche but laughter is the best medicine.

20. They Walk The Walk                                                                             

  • Have a skip in your step- a swagger.


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