Peaches ‘N Creme moves to NYC

Hello!! As many of you know I have moved to New York to pursue Fashion Merchandising. This summer I was working over 80 hour work weeks…yes 80 hours haha. My blog had to be put on hold for a little bit because of this but I figured I would start it again now that I am a getting settled. So far I am absolutely infatuated with NYC. The city itself is amazing. You can be walking down one block in the East side where there are million dollar studios with cobble stone roads but then turn the corner where there is trash and homeless men begging for money. I hear atleast 8 different languages spoken a day. My senses will be filled with the smell of the food stands or the fresh laundry from the nearest apartment one second and the next it will be consumed with the stench of all the hustling people and the piled up garbage. Everybody is kind of in their own world here. The night life is awesome 😉 there is always something big going on! From clubs, to shows, to performances, to parties, to movie screenings in the parks. Also, my campus is simply inspiring. It’s almost like a fashion show anytime I go to class. Well, I am very excited to see where things will take me and excited to be posting my adventures and experiences here.




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